CALL FOR PAPER - 5G Narrow band - mobile infrastructure and standards

The next generation of mobile technology, 5G, is beginning to take shape. The process of building each new mobile standard starts already years in advance, and once up and running, those standards will remain in place in various forms for a decade or more. SEE-IT Summit, 7th – 9th of November 2018 in Novi Sad, Serbia wants to present at this conference the standard of the future by 2030 and beyond.

4G, 5G and Beyond Wireless Networks & Systems


Wireless Internet and Multimedia

Satellite Based Systems

Global Wireless Services, Business & Applications

Mobile Operating Systems & Architectures

Mobile IP and Cloud Security

Wireless Communications Investments & Ventures

Wireless and New Generation Media

Wireless Telecommunications Management

GPS and Indoor Geo-location Systems

Big Data Analytics in Telecommunications

Mobile and Cloud Digital Forensics